Friday, November 6, 2009

Here we go...

Wow, I wish I had started something like this awhile ago! But I didn't and here I am now. Quick update, Caleb is almost 4 months now and weighs...who knows 17-18 lbs (he has a Doctors appointment on the 16th and we'll find out then), he's very happy and healthy.
This last week has been quite full. Jacob's birthday was on Monday and he had the day off, which we figured was the first in a few years. We enjoyed time together as a family, it was very nice. We also got our flu shots that day. He has drill this upcoming weekend so he's been working a lot trying to make up the hours he'll miss. I had my MOMs group at the church on Thursday and we made our first sale on etsy!
My favorite part of almost everyday is when I go to get Caleb up for the day and he's laying happily awake in his crib and he looks at me and squishes his whole face up in a goofy little grin that says "Good morning Mommy, I missed you!"

Have a great and wonderful weekend!

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