Monday, August 30, 2010

Blankies for babes

Been working on some baby gifts lately, wanna see?

These are for a special little boy just born in August:

{little lovey blankie)

{an extra-large receiving blanket}

{all together}

And these are for a little girly who will be arriving in December:

{gloriously soft burpie}

{warm an cozy blanket}

{all wrapped up and ready to go!}

Saturday, August 28, 2010

And that's that

The house work is finally all done! And I'm pretty sure I have all the pictures need to share the before's {though not guaranteed to be good ones} and after's. So sit back, get comfy and start scrolling...

{the kitchen when we moved in}

and now

Remember how I couldn't find a good before picture of the dining room,
well I just recently came across one...thought I'd share

and a newer after

The fisherman's bathroom

to fully appreciate it, let's take a look at a few of those details

yep that's the toilet paper roll
I didn't get pictures of the fish head knobs though, shucks!

not really my style,
so we made a few changes
and here's the after

Not sure if I've posted Caleb's room on here yet, but here it is
{no before and after for this one}

The Downstairs before
note: this was really taken after a ton of work had already been done
{view of soon to be living room}

{and soon to be bedroom, in the corner}

and after

some other rooms that were already posted about were:

and I actually don't like the master bedroom picture that I put on that post,
so here's a different one

That's it for the home improvements...
if you'd like to see some behind the scene shots stick around, if not then this is tah-tah! for now

yea, its as fun as it looks ;)

8 inch thick concrete is not fun to cut through

Just ask these guys:


workin away
{see that beautiful window in the back,
that's where that concrete block came from}

I did some work too :)
{don't laugh too hard...
I was pregnant, tired, working and didn't really care what I looked like}

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Day of Cheap Fun!

You can spend quite a bit on fancy toys, gadgets, and trips to have fun...but some of the best fun is when it doesn't cost a mint! Today was just one of those days...

A bowl of water, a paintbrush and the perfect weather

He sure had fun 'painting' the deck, the door, and Mommy's feet

so much, that it was hard to get him to look up for a picture...

Caleb also found some cheap fun of his own...something that I didn't quite approve of. I thought he was playing too nicely in the living room, just cooing and babbling away. Turns out he was just talking with his new little friend. When I looked down and saw him holding his arm out with a large black thing crawling on it...I kinda flipped and started swatting away. Once it was off him I glanced around and found that it was just a cricket, whew. Caleb looked at me and smiled, his expression saying 'look mom what I found'! Lovely dear... I have the feeling this is just one of the many occurrences to come.

So here's to cheap fun!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I present to you, pictures of the finished basement Bathroom!!! Finally...I know, I know. We had more problems with the ding-dang toilet, which delayed things even more. I was able to get pictures tonight and I'm posting them without further delay! order to truly appreciate the finished product you must see what we had to work with, the before:

{this was standing on the stairs looking in the direction of where the bathroom would go, a few notes: say buh-bye to the window, and the big black tube from ceiling to floor will have a little wall built around it}

and now the big reveal..

why, hello beautiful!

take a look to the right

the shower

take a look to the left...
see the little privacy wall {that black tube we had to build around}

from above

and here's toilet #2...
umm, pun not intended :)

And so there you have it, our downstairs bathroom!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guest room is done!

After the previous post, I was determined to finish some of those last touch ups things in order to complete some rooms. So I plowed through it today and actually got quite a bit of work done. This post will be much shorter and a little more on the positive side :) AND I have pictures to share! This room was our office and is now a guest-room w/ a work area. There isn't really a before picture needed for this one {just imagine a hutch on top of the desk, about 3-4 more pieces of furniture...well minus the bed, a bunch of boxes and piles of paper everywhere...clutter, clutter, clutter}. And now the after!