Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day #3- Home sweet home

Caleb slept through the whole night, Yay!! It was so wonderful getting in the car and knowing it was the last day and we’d be there tonight. Today went much smoother. Caleb napped again very well in the car, and was still entertained by the movies :) He also got to ride in the truck with Daddy and Grandpa, and loved it! My mom, Caleb and I went on ahead of the truck once we got to the mountains because the truck had to slow down so much and it wasn’t necessary for Caleb to have to stay in the car any longer than needed. The last part of the trip seemed to fly by, probably because I was beginning to recognize the area and was so giddy and excited to finally be here! We made great time and arrived in Deer Park around 5 pm! A way shorter day than yesterday that is for sure. It still feels like a dream and that I’m going to wake up and we still have 2 weeks till we move. That or like we’re just visiting. Someday it’ll sink in :) Thank you for the prayers, we have made it safely!!

Thank you to everyone for the warm welcomes! It’s so good to be back.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day #2- I think I can, I think I can

Had a pretty rough evening, Caleb didn’t sleep well and decided it was time to get up around 4am…ugh. Somehow we still didn’t get on the road till 9:30, though we planned to leave at 8. Caleb slept much better in the car today {probably due to the lack of sleep the night before}, and we found something he really enjoyed…the DVD player. We watched A LOT of movies. I’m usually one to not let him watch much t.v., but it’s a matter of survival these days. We also somehow miscalculated the mileage, and missed a whole 5 hours {an additional 5 hrs} of driving. Instead of a 9 hour day’s worth of driving to get to Billings, Montana…it was going to be a 14 hour drive!! Yikes! So we ended up skipping Mt. Rushmore {which we’d already seen on our way down, but wanted Jake and Caleb to be able to}, and making very quick stops. By about 8pm Caleb was exhausted and ready to go to bed, so we got him all in his pjs and tucked him in his ‘car seat’ :) hoping he’d go to sleep and then we could sneak him in to the hotel and he’d stay asleep…HAHAHA!!! He definitely fell asleep, and he definitely woke up when we arrived at the hotel, and he was definitely not interested in going back to sleep. It was the funniest hour that I’ve seen from this child. He was soooo wired and determined not to let sleep consume him. He ran and ran and screamed and screamed, just being a silly kid. We’re finally all going to bed around 12 am, Missouri time {remember how I said earlier he had woke up at 4am this morning…yeah, you could say there are a few cranky pants in our room and I’m one of them}. Hopefully he sleeps better tonight, not sure if I can function without another night of no sleeping.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day #1- Don’t say you’re bored

That’s what I told the guys {who were driving alone in their own cars} at our first stop. What an adventure!!! Glad to be done for the day, laying here with nothing to worry about. We had a very late start to our drive (about 3 ½ hours), took a lot longer than we thought to clean up the house and get everything out and into the cars. Left Columbia at about 11:30 and Caleb hadn’t had his nap yet so he crashed by the time we drove out of the driveway, it was a great start to the trip. At that point I thought, yeah I can do this for three days…then he woke up. No, just joking around…he was fairly pleasant once he woke up, well rested and happy. The challenging part was once he got tired of Mommy’s magic tricks throwing everything I gave him and screaming if I even looked at him {mom’s you know what I’m talking about}. He became more and more tired, but wouldn’t sleep. It was up and down from then on {when Jacob would call he’d ask if we had cranky Caleb or crazy (silly) Caleb}. We finally made it to our goal for the day Sioux Falls, SD. And actually made pretty good time, checking into the hotel at 8pm. Caleb finally got to go to sleep and now it’s time for all of us to rest up…to do it all tomorrow! Thankfully no house clean-up, just hit the road in the morning. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Load 'er Up!

So today was our loading the truck {& trailer} day...and it went fairly well. I'll say this from the beginning, this is just a breif update/summary type post and I'm exhausted so I'll apologize ahead of time for any odd wording, misspellings, and all the other things that come with an over worked brain :)
Had some trouble when picking up the moving truck this morning {of course, isn't that to be expected}, but I think the guys have got it all worked out. Had a lot of good helpers show up to load the truck {and Jacob's dad who flew down from WA...and has been a HUGE help!}. It went extremely fast and we actually had less stuff than we thought! Caleb did very well!! It was tough cuz he wanted to be down and with 'the guys' and mean ole mommy had to stop him, but he still did great and was in a pretty good mood {maybe his teeth will leave him alone for the next few days, and not cause him pain}. Hopefully this is a preview to the next few days, and he'll do just fine!!...maybe. It was definitely a loooong day and there's still clean up work to do in the morning, and load up the cars that we're driving. And call me crazy but...I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. To be able to sit, even if its in a car for hours on end with a 1 yr old, and know that its done and we're on our way. Maybe its just that it'll be a different kind of stress :)
I'm kind of glad that's its been crazy...keeps me from having too big of a break down about actually leaving. Looking forward to whats to come, but going to miss some of what we're leaving behind...
I'll try to keep updated posts of the trip, depends on the computer's battery and internet availability.
Washington, here we come!!!!!