Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bugs Just Bug Me!

...and as a matter of fact so do people!
So I think I'm ready to discuss the story of the kitchen/dining room construction...maybe. It started last month when Jacob was getting anxious to do some work on the house. We aren't in a position right now where he can work on the downstairs, so he was going to settle with doing little projects upstairs (let me emphasis the little part), things that will eventually need to be done. Those of you who don't know, the people that were in our house before were...were...well, they didn't have very good taste. Our bathroom was painted a ridiculous blue and was done up in a fish theme (which we have redone and looks much better now). The downstairs, what little part was done, had cedar wood planks around the bottom half of the wall, and the upstairs kitchen/dining room had wood paneling up half the wall. To top it all off the entire upstairs was at one time wallpapered and has since been painted over a number of times. So this was going to be Jacob's little project, remove wallpaper a room at a time and repaint it. He decided to start with the kitchen/dining room area, which had the lovely wood paneling. This began last month, when babe went down to sleep Jacob worked on a bit at a time. The first of the month, on Jacob's day off he decided that he wanted to just finish the kitchen and dining room area so we could paint and he'd feel like he's gotten something done rather than drag it out. And so it began, taking off wallpaper and the wood paneling...until he found out why they put up the wood paneling {this is where the people bugging me part comes in}. They did it to hide the termite damage on the dry wall! Now we knew when we bought the house that there was some termite damage, but nothing too serious, and it had been treated so they were long gone. but this we didn't expect to find. As Jacob took off more wallpaper and paneling, the more he found. You can imagine how disappointing this was, with what was originally going to be a quick job and something to be finished that day turned into a very big job. So he called a few guys and they began working on it that night, within two days they had all the old drywall down, new 2 x 4's that needed replaced (due to termite damage) up, and the new drywall up. It took a couple of weeks and the dining room is finally done and the kitchen just needs paint. I think Jacob is going to be done with home projects for a bit :)
I wanted to post before and after pictures of the dining room, and I knew as I was searching for a picture (because of course I didn't think to take a before picture) the only one I would find would be of a messy table or have me in it looking a mess. Even better, a large messy me. So this is the ONLY picture I could find of the dining room before *sigh*

And now after!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Sling

This would be the first time I've touched the sewing machine since Christmas (when I made my gifts), maybe I just needed a little break. I got the idea from my crafty friend Nicole, Thanks Nicole! She had found it from another blog and told me it was really easy. So, yesterday I was feeling ambitious and ran to JoAnns to get my material, came home {and thankfully Caleb took his nap then} and I was able to start right away! It took less then an hour to make. It holds him so well, that way my cuddly baby can still be near when I'm out and about or getting things done around home. I forgot how much I enjoy making things, and I've already started on a few more projects.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With Love, Caleb

Dear Blog,

I have the most exciting news ever! My grandparents in Washington are coming to visit me next month, I can hardly wait! Oh, and do you want to know something else that is exciting?...TEETH! I can bite on things, make funny sounds with my mouth, and chew food...well sort of. I'm such a big boy. I've even stopped using my pacifier, that thing is so strange to me now...sucking on plastic, man was I an odd kid. Speaking of being a big boy, I don't really think I need naps, or any form of sleep actually. I mean have you seen this world, its so cool and there are so many neat things to do. If only Mom and Dad would understand. Hey I have a question for you, have you ever seen....a dog's TAIL!! And then, have you ever tried to catch it?! WOW, good times, good times. I die laughing every time. But the few times I have been successful and caught it, then try to put it in my mouth {wouldn't you}, Mom yells "Gross!" and takes it away. Oh I'll tell her what's gross, this meat stuff that they keep trying to feed me. I don't care how many times you say "yummy, yummy, yummy in baby's tummy", its not yummy trust me! Ugh, I get chills thinking about it. Well, I better get going, gotta go work out {trying to watch my figure}. I think I'll do a little standing, some jumping, roll from one side of the room to the other, maybe even fit in a few push ups.

With Love,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby firsts today!

This morning after I got done feeding Caleb his breakfast and was washing his face (well I actually noticed it while washing his tongue...and yes its his choice) I noticed his bottom gum looked different. After looking more carefully I could see his First Tooth is starting to break through the gum!! Which would explain the night wakings the last few nights... I'm anxious to see if I can see a little pearly white tomorrow morning, and preferably without the night waking tonight.

Speaking of night waking, let me talk about night sleeping ;) The other first of the day is Caleb fell asleep on his tummy tonight. I'm a firm 'back to sleep' believer, and that's the way Caleb has slept all his life (which will be a whole 8 months next week...8 months! *holding back the tears* and moving on...). At our last appointment the Doctor said he's now out of the SIDs high risk range and since he's rolling he may choose to sleep on his tummy and that's okay. With that said, I know I'm still going to panic all night and will probably wake him up one of the many times I'll be in there checking. Man I'm such a worry wort! I was actually shocked when I saw him sleeping on his tummy. I left him in his crib awake and he was rolling around singing and playing and after a bit I didn't hear anything and when I went in there to check on him he was on his tummy. This child has hated being on his stomach for the longest time until now, now that he can roll around easily.

Those were the firsts of today...I'm sure there are more to come and will probably be coming closer and closer together.

Oh one more thing, what started this morning as a little project, painting the dining room/kitchen area...has now turned into demoing the dining room including practically rebuilding a wall. This is currently going on as I type (at 9:30 p.m.), so its still too fresh for me to talk about. I hope I get my kitchen back soon...