Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its been awhile...

I was so excited when I started this blog, and it kind of got thrown to the side when things got busy. I'm going to try and be better about updating it! So here is a quick review of the last few months:

We started Caleb on solids after given the go ahead by our doctor, and boy is this child a food hound! He's loved everything we've given him and continually tries to get our food (especially our drinks, he loves cups)!

The main reason I haven't been blogging, was this last Christmas I decided I wanted to make all our Christmas presents. So, when Caleb wasn't up and needing me at that moment (which wasn't too often) I would run to the sewing machine and work work work. Leaving not much time for other things. It was a lot of work and took up a lot of time, but I really enjoyed making all the gifts. We were also planning our trip up to Washington in January to visit our families (which I think I'll do another blog on later). Christmas was an exciting time at our house, with it being Caleb's first Christmas! We tried not to go too overboard, since it was more for us than him. He got some shoes, a few toys, clothes and feeding supplies.

Caleb has had a few interesting last couple of months health wise. This may be TMI for some of you, as a mom I'm pretty use to talking about poop, spit up, feeding and all the things that go along with having a baby. He's been having...digestive issues. After our last Dr. visit with a pediatric GI specialist, they've decided its just baby constipation (which isn't something to just pass off, but is better than the other things they were thinking may have been wrong). Mixed in all this my milk supply has been going down. We found this out after his 6 month check up when he lost a bunch of weight. So we're currently working on that to get this boy back to being a healthy chunky babe!

On to more positive things, Caleb started rolling over a few weeks ago. He is all over the place now! I can no longer set him in one spot and expect to find him there later. He is playing on his own for a longer period of time and I think is finally figuring out what toys are for (besides putting in your mouth). He is very smiley and laughs in response to what you do. He also loves playing peek-a-boo.

I'm sure there is so much more that has gone on since the last post, but that's the down side to not keeping it updated. I better go play with Caleb now, but I will write more about our trip and our upcoming doctor appointment (check his weight and what not).

I hope everyone is well and safe! We miss all of you in Washington and are thinking of you often!

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