Friday, February 12, 2010

Spit, Spit and more spit

Caleb has recently learned to spit. First with just his lips and now his tongue. He use to do it just when he got mad at something, and now just for the fun of it. We all thought it was hilarious! About a week ago he learned he could do this while eating. The first time was with daddy, so I thought he must be doing something wrong, let me take over...but he would still spit with me. The last three days he has done it during every. single. meal. every. single. bite. Lets just say it has crossed over from being funny not funny AT all. I'm sure he's not getting any food in, its wasting it since I never get to finish a jar because I'm too frustrated, and it makes a huge mess to clean up...grrr. Here is a picture of the first time he discovered how to spit food...when we thought it was too cute.

*sigh* There I'm done with my vent. Hopefully he will learn some table manners here soon and until then, I will be wearing an apron during feedings and trying to enjoy this fun baby stage while it lasts : D (forced smile).

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