Saturday, July 3, 2010

Adventures Await

We leave on a plane for Washington in 15 hours and are leaving the house for that plane in 12. Just thinking about that makes me a little ill. The excitement for the trip was taken over a few days ago by the overwhelming list of things to get done before we leave. I know as soon as we hit the road, at ummm....5 am, I'll be feeling much better and the excitement will return. One of the biggest things to work on was the downstairs, which remember our have it finished before we left. Yea, didn't make it. We did get a lot done, it's just not finished. Jacob just got finished texturing, so all the messy stuff is finished! Yay! Which is why we worked so hard this week so we could take down all the plastic (to keep the dust to a minimal) and clean up, so when we get back it'll be all the fun stuff (flooring, painting, hooking up the toilet/shower/vanity sink). I've been cleaning (like the deep/organizing type cleaning) the upstairs...I love coming home to a clean house. And the last few days trying to pack. Now lets just talk about that for a minute. Since Jacob's been working downstairs every second, I've been left to pack for the three of us (now I understand some of you have more children and may do all the packing for everyone all the time, but I'm use to getting help and not use to packing for a little it's a bit stressful). And its also quite...interesting and challenging trying to pack with a little person who seeming to think he's 'helping' you. And every so often you find things in the other room that you thought you'd already packed...hmmm, how'd this get here? I just have to keep thinking, this time tomorrow we'll be in Washington with our family and beginning our much needed vacation...ahhh, just thinking about it makes me smile!
Pictures of the downstairs will come later. And of course of our trip!

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