Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby Go Boom

Caleb got his first real booboo, and to be honest I probably cried more than he did. And of all the days it had to be on Easter, in his cute little outfit, on his face and just minutes before we left. I was getting his bag ready for church (as I said, minutes before we were heading out the door), and he fell on his bookshelf just as I was reaching for him :'( So here are some pictures of our Easter morning, Caleb in his cute outfit, and Caleb's first booboo.

Well, I tried to get some pictures of his eye and the flash washed out all the purple, so it doesn't look as bad in pictures as it really does. I got some pictures on my phone that turned out better (well I suppose worse would be the better word), I'll see if Jacob can show me how to get them on my computer and I'll post them later.

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  1. i love this blog :) you guys are all amazing. miss you, like always... <3