Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its hard not to compare...

...your baby to other babies. For the longest time I've said I love my son no matter what, he is unique in his own person and when he is ready for those fun milestones I'll be excited when he reaches them, when he's ready. But its still difficult when everyone asks things like, so he's crawling now, right? or when you read your baby should be doing this by this age. It creeps in the back of your mind...well should he be? is he behind? Anyways, what started this post today is...Caleb finally crawled!! For the longest time he's been getting on all four and then flopping onto his belly, or lunging himself forward. He sure can get to places just by rolling and he seemed perfectly content with it. But today Jacob and I were playing on the floor with him and he just got up on all four and took a few steps towards Jacob, and he's done it several times since. Yay! He still would much rather stand or walk holding on to your hands. That's what has been so odd, he loves to stand and tries to cruise the furniture and thinks he can walk (though he just falls on he face when he tries), but interest. Maybe we'll have an early walker.
Since its been a little while since I've posted, here are some random tidbits of things that are going on. Caleb's eye is almost all healed, just in time for a mark on the other eye (not another black eye thank goodness). He's learned to stand in his crib, that surprised me. I went in to get him in the morning and there he was, hello mama! I've been sewing (and doing other crafts) a lot the last couple of weeks, I'll have to do a post later of all the neat stuff. I've also been cleaning and tidying up a bit because Jacob's parents are coming down tomorrow!! We're so excited, we miss family so much! And my Birthday is this Saturday! It will be a wonderful weekend. I'm sure I'll write about it ;)

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