Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrations, Construction and Crafts

This last weekend was a very special one for our family, Jacob and I celebrated our fifth anniversary and we celebrated Jacob as a Daddy for his first Father's Day! Jacob and I were talking about how it doesn't seem like we've been married for 5 years already! And how 5 years sounds like such a long time, yet it really hasn't been...if that makes any sense :) And can I just say, I love my husband and am so in love with him! What a great and wonderful man God has blessed me with. Its also so amazing seeing him as a Daddy and how much he loves and cares for Caleb. This weekend was enjoyable and relaxing {which doesn't happen that often lately...the relaxing part that is}. Since we had some days to celebrate, Jacob took off working on the downstairs so we could all spend time together. Speaking of the downstairs, the latest updates. Starting the end of May Jacob began finishing the downstairs {at least what we're planning on having finished in order to sell it...then the buyers can do the rest}. The biggest project in all that is putting in a bathroom. He's done an amazing job at figuring out what to do and coping with running into problems he hadn't anticipated. The bathroom is almost all plumbed, all the walls are up for the downstairs and most of the dry wall is up. We're aiming to have the downstairs done before we leaving in 2 weeks for our trip to Washington {Yay!!! Can't hardly wait to see family!}, cross our fingers that there's no complications!

The bathroom:

{we're farther than this now, but this was the latest picture}

Now what have I been doing {besides chasing this kid around everywhere, and saying no 100 times a day}, yep you guessed it? Crafts!!! {it was the only choice left from the title} I've fallen in love with Blogs and free tutorials!! Here are some of the projects:

The shirt dress, from MADE:

turn a men's dress shirt into a girl's summer dress

A little make-up bag:

This one is a combination of the 90 minute shirt and freezer paper stenciling:

The shirt is made from one of Jacob's, and the freezer stenciling is AMAZING and fun!!!

More freezer paper stenciling:

Some birthday things:

another 90 minute shirt. I put a 1 appliqué on each item and did the stenciling on the back of the onesie.

A birthday present for Caleb:

I have a few more things that aren't all the way done yet, or are a gift for someone {and they might see it before I give it to them} so I'll post those later. I'm loving making things, and its sooo much cheaper than buying stuff!! Now it's just finding the time to do them, and keeping track of all the neat ideas.

Real quick, an update on Caleb and then I better get going. He is definitely getting a mind of his own! Which is fun and frustrating at the same time. It's neat to watch as he processes through things and has his own little agenda of what he wants to do. BUT its not fun when he doesn't want to do what he needs to, like...get dressed, eat, get his face washed, not play with the electrical outlet. He's also developing an entertaining sense of humor. He walks around most of the time, crawls mostly just to get to something to help him stand up. He now knows 4 signs {milk, drink, dog, and food}, we're having fun working with those :) And he just got two more new teeth, for a total of 6.

I hope to have more to blog about in the upcoming weeks, with house renovations, our trip and a little boy turning One!


  1. Manda -- great post! It helped satiate the Schuler family shaped hole in my heart! :) Your crafts look so good...the dress is adorable! Perfect for the baby girl you're expecting...haha, j/k Miss you guys and hope to see you soon! Best wishes on the bathroom renovation and your well-deserved trip to WA!

  2. Awww, Nicole! We sure do miss you guys, A TON! Maybe we can plan that trip for after we get back (end of July or beginning of August)?? Depending on what you're schedules look like. Hope you had fun on your little get away...definitely some jealousy over here ;) Take Care!