Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Home Improvements

Whew! It's been an exhausting last couple of weeks! The latest of the house projects was our bedroom, one I had been dreading since we moved in {and was possibly one of the toughest, although I may say that after each one}. It too had been wallpapered once upon a time {like everywhere else in our home} and someone didn't feel like removing it so...they painted over it, and so did the next, and the next, and get the idea. We decided not to go this same route because, well, it looked terrible. Now let me tell you, although Jacob should really be the person, removing wallpaper that has been painted over is TOUGH! None of the little tricks work that are suppose to with removing wallpaper because the paint has to be chipped away. It took a few days to remove the paint and then the wallpaper glue. It was also really discouraging because you do all this work to make it look better, but it actually looked worse {with discolored walls underneath, and scratches and chips from removing paint}, which was fine because we'd fix all that, but still. Then we had to patch all the spots {and Jacob had to put in a new piece of drywall in a spot that had been ruined} and those who don't know, mudding. takes. days. Because you have to let each layer dry before you can do the next. The last stages went better: painting, putting in a new fan, new shades, moving the furniture back and staging. I had been dreading it because I knew how much work it'd be and that the whole house would be in chaos because the furniture from our room went in the hallway and living room {which makes things quite difficult with a little explorer}. Also on top of everything, my Allergies started up. I know it's a combination of things: moving everything causes dust to stir up, all the construction creates dust and what not, not being able to clean well due to the chaos in the house, and its just that time of year. And not trying to be a cry baby, but when I say allergies I don't mean the little snuffle here and there...I feel like I'm going to die! Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration. But people who do have bad allergies know exactly what I'm talking about, we get the whole works {runny/stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, sore throat}. BUT, the bedroom looks wonderful!! And now that we're a week past the construction I'm beginning to really enjoy it.

{yes, we forgot to take a before picture, again...and again the only one I could find was a lovely one of me. And you actually can't see the room very well, but it gives you the idea}

After: {in panoramic view}

Also in the last week, my mom flew up to Washington for a visit {she'll be gone 5 weeks}. Which is exciting to be on our own, but also difficult because she helps A. Lot. And with Caleb going everywhere, it makes it difficult for me to work on things while he's up. More about him: he's becoming such a little boy...which is exciting and fun to watch but at the same time I'm thinking "what happened to my baby". He's learning he can do things to make us laugh, and he's also laughing at himself a lot {when he falls down, when he toots or burps...hehe}. One of the biggest things lately is the walking, he loves to walk. And its not just when we're encouraging it, he'll pull himself up on something/anything and just walk somewhere, doesn't matter. Here's a recent picture of the boy:

I'll post some more pictures later. We got together with some friends {the same ones who took his newborn pictures} and they took some family pictures that I have to put on here :)

Well, I didn't intend on this being so long, but once I got going it just kept going...and there you have it, our latest news.

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