Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!

We have tons of Caleb, but very few of us as a family. So when our friends Sean and Nicole offered to spend an afternoon taking some pics of us we said 'yes please'! Nicole was also the one who took Caleb's newborn pictures (which we Love!). It's something she's interested in and I hope something she continues to progress with because she does a good job. We had a fun time, although I was a bit sad because it'd be one of the last times we'd see them before they move. We have enjoyed their friendship greatly while in Columbia, and are so happy and excited for their move, we'll miss them a ton! Anyways, back to the pictures! I said we had a fun time, but this excludes Caleb. He was not happy about the heat. the grass. the squinting. and hearing us say 'Caleb look over here' 20 million times. That explains the lack of smiles on his part.

and here is a group shot :)

wow, I'm surprised it let me upload that many pictures!

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