Saturday, September 4, 2010

Give me a sign

Figured I needed to do a Caleb update, he's learning and doing new things everyday. I've heard people say that about their child before, but WOW I didn't realize how true it was. I keep thinking he's too young to know how to do some of the things he does...but truth is he's just growing up and I'm having a hard time realizing it :)

*A few months ago at our Dr. checkup, she asked if he was saying sounds or any words...well he'd say mama or dada occasionally and we thought he was trying to say dog but he really didn't say sounds. He did though growl, scream, do motor sounds, all sorts of noises...just not word sounds. I was a tiny {very tiny} bit worried. No worries now! A few weeks ago he just started making actual word sounds and began saying some words quite regularly. Now he'll copy words we say {whether he's actually saying the word or imitating...}. Its so exciting!! But before he started all this, I had something else to be excited about. We worked on signing with Caleb from about 10 months+ and at around 12 months he started really signing and learning them so fast. So I was just excited about the signs and trying to not be too worried about him not saying words. I'm planning on doing a little counter on here to update the # of signs he knows {words are hard because like I said I can't tell if he's just copying or actually saying the word}. As of now he knows to sign food, milk, more, drink, all done, dad, tree, ball, dog, book, cheerios/o's, and...that's all I can think of for now :)

*He loves his dog. Loves to pet her, throw her ball, watch her run, listen to her whine, and tackle her from time to time.

*Loves the outdoors! If you're looking out a window, he's right by your side wanting to look too. One of the few times he throws a fit is when its time to come inside, it just breaks his heart

*Sings E-I-E-I-O whenever he hears "Old McDonald" or sees his Old McDonald book

*Nods his head yes and says "yep" to everything {unless you're telling him 'no', then he shakes is head and says 'noooo'} and he does all this with the funniest expression, usually eyebrows raised

*His hair is getting fairly long and I'm considering a cut...maybe

*He points at everything, walks around w/that little pointer finger stickin out

*Blows kisses

*Wants to read books all. day. long. and usually the same ones over and over {and over}

*Is learning his facial features {all though he still mixes them up}

*Loves shutting doors :)

Here are some pictures of the crazy boy:

trip to the park

after the park :)

{now I have to explain these last I wouldn't usually let him eat ice cream,
BUT he just got his 1 year shots and blood drawn, which was awful.
Plus it made for some cute pictures}

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