Saturday, September 11, 2010


Instead of TGIF, I'm thinking TGIS(aturday). This week's been a rough one, and I'm kinda glad it's about over. And Caleb's got proof that's its been a rocky ride...

He got this boo-boo yesterday morning {picture doesn't quite capture it}, and its still a mystery how it happened. We know there was a table, blanket, an excited little boy and possibly a toy car involved. I was making the bed when he went running down the hall carrying a blanket and then I heard a crash and then, the crying. I found him sitting by a table in our living room, possible scenarios: Tripped over the blanket fell into the table, had blanket over his head and ran into the table, tripped over the toy car in the hallway and fell into the table. Who knows exactly how it played out but he was definitely beat up with a rug burned cheek, a welt down the side of his face and ear, a scratched up chin and a bloody fat lip. How he managed to do all this with one little spill is beyond me. He was over it after a few minutes of course, even if I wasn't.

The night before that he also took a tumble. He loves trying to get our dog's tail, and for the most part she plays along. She'll sit right in front of him waiting for him to get it and as soon as he tries she'll jump away. Well this particular night he was in his game and was a bit quicker than she expected. When he did get a hold of it and she would try to jump away, Caleb would end up flopping on the ground...he found this hilarious! Until they did this little act on the tile floor and Caleb ended up doing a little twisty flip and hitting his head. That left a nice little knot/bruise {didn't show up in the previous picture, hair was covering it}

The previous day {no falling this time} Caleb's breakfast didn't quite agree with him so he decided to give it back to nice way of saying he threw up on me, twice. Its the first that he's gotten sick and it was kinda scary {first time mom, first time seeing babe not well}, but we made it through it. And in a gross kind of way, it was really sweet. When he didn't know what was going on and was a little scared he came to me, wanted me to make it better. Makes me love being a Mom, even if it means getting thrown up on {now in a few years when he knows what to do he better run to the bathroom, not my lap :) }. The day didn't end much better. During bath time, he learned to lean over and stick his mouth in the water. He had fun with that till he inhaled and sucked in a bunch of water. Caleb's not really much of a crier, but in this instance he was sobbing...really scared him. Took quite a while to get him to calm down.

Each of these cases on their own wouldn't have been a week changing event, but piled on together just made for a rough going week. Along with some bummer let downs with the whole moving situation, I'm looking forward to this next week and hoping it brings some more smiles and less tears.

{A few of the more happier moments of the week}

loves being outside, and watching his daddy

had fun playing with the boxes before we packed them up

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