Friday, September 24, 2010


A little late on posting this, but we've finally set a date for moving! We'll be getting our moving truck on October 3rd and then will be leaving Missouri on the 4th. We set the date a couple weeks ago, and have been making and finalizing all the plans to make it happen. I'm still a bit in shock that its finally going to happen, I've known its been coming and wishing it'd be here but to actually have the move date set...its just weird. I'm very anxious...excited beyond belief, but extremely nervous at the same time. I've got all these ideas of what it'll be like and I'm hoping that I'm not...putting my standards too high, you know? And that I'll then feel let down. I just need to have faith and know that we'll be taken care of. So anyhow, we have been packing, planning, and trying to soak up as much as we can of being here before we go. I have a hard time letting go of things and big we'll see how I do with this move :) We'll also see how Caleb will do...being in a car for 3 days, staying in hotels, having a complete lifestyle change...for a little while that is. Hopefully I'll be able to do updates of the move, just depends how crazy things get.

On a different note, I've recently been struck with this awareness of how much we cram our lives with pointless...time wasters, information, events, etc. {on a completely different note I know}. And its just really stuck with me. All the technology that we just can't live without and must be connected to, how many things {tv, internet, phones, social events, sports, fashion, etc.} distract from our relationships with our family and ultimately God. Where does the focus need to be and what do we spend more time focusing on? What are we willing to give up? This isn't to be a downer, just something that I've been really thinking about and trying to work on :)

Some Caleb tidbits {because he always lightens things up, and this post kinda needs it}:

~Everything is still all about dogs: he finds a dog in all his books, says the word 'dog' 100 times a day, when he gets up in the morning he wants to see his dog, he even pretends to be a dog sometimes...didn't know they did that this early :)

~He makes the cutest owl sound

~His molars are coming in :(

~Loves to give high-fives and will shake your hand {and kiss it before he lets go...totally his own thing, didn't teach him to}

~Has picked some favorite blankets and stuffed animals {up till recently he hasn't cared much for them}

~Loves to play with his cars and makes car noises

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  1. So glad you guys are able to set a date! The bummer is that Sean and I will be in Columbia the weekend AFTER your move :( Neither of us have been to the northwest, though, so we look forward to visiting you soon!