Monday, October 4, 2010

Day #1- Don’t say you’re bored

That’s what I told the guys {who were driving alone in their own cars} at our first stop. What an adventure!!! Glad to be done for the day, laying here with nothing to worry about. We had a very late start to our drive (about 3 ½ hours), took a lot longer than we thought to clean up the house and get everything out and into the cars. Left Columbia at about 11:30 and Caleb hadn’t had his nap yet so he crashed by the time we drove out of the driveway, it was a great start to the trip. At that point I thought, yeah I can do this for three days…then he woke up. No, just joking around…he was fairly pleasant once he woke up, well rested and happy. The challenging part was once he got tired of Mommy’s magic tricks throwing everything I gave him and screaming if I even looked at him {mom’s you know what I’m talking about}. He became more and more tired, but wouldn’t sleep. It was up and down from then on {when Jacob would call he’d ask if we had cranky Caleb or crazy (silly) Caleb}. We finally made it to our goal for the day Sioux Falls, SD. And actually made pretty good time, checking into the hotel at 8pm. Caleb finally got to go to sleep and now it’s time for all of us to rest up…to do it all tomorrow! Thankfully no house clean-up, just hit the road in the morning. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.

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