Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby firsts today!

This morning after I got done feeding Caleb his breakfast and was washing his face (well I actually noticed it while washing his tongue...and yes its his choice) I noticed his bottom gum looked different. After looking more carefully I could see his First Tooth is starting to break through the gum!! Which would explain the night wakings the last few nights... I'm anxious to see if I can see a little pearly white tomorrow morning, and preferably without the night waking tonight.

Speaking of night waking, let me talk about night sleeping ;) The other first of the day is Caleb fell asleep on his tummy tonight. I'm a firm 'back to sleep' believer, and that's the way Caleb has slept all his life (which will be a whole 8 months next week...8 months! *holding back the tears* and moving on...). At our last appointment the Doctor said he's now out of the SIDs high risk range and since he's rolling he may choose to sleep on his tummy and that's okay. With that said, I know I'm still going to panic all night and will probably wake him up one of the many times I'll be in there checking. Man I'm such a worry wort! I was actually shocked when I saw him sleeping on his tummy. I left him in his crib awake and he was rolling around singing and playing and after a bit I didn't hear anything and when I went in there to check on him he was on his tummy. This child has hated being on his stomach for the longest time until now, now that he can roll around easily.

Those were the firsts of today...I'm sure there are more to come and will probably be coming closer and closer together.

Oh one more thing, what started this morning as a little project, painting the dining room/kitchen area...has now turned into demoing the dining room including practically rebuilding a wall. This is currently going on as I type (at 9:30 p.m.), so its still too fresh for me to talk about. I hope I get my kitchen back soon...

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