Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bugs Just Bug Me!

...and as a matter of fact so do people!
So I think I'm ready to discuss the story of the kitchen/dining room construction...maybe. It started last month when Jacob was getting anxious to do some work on the house. We aren't in a position right now where he can work on the downstairs, so he was going to settle with doing little projects upstairs (let me emphasis the little part), things that will eventually need to be done. Those of you who don't know, the people that were in our house before were...were...well, they didn't have very good taste. Our bathroom was painted a ridiculous blue and was done up in a fish theme (which we have redone and looks much better now). The downstairs, what little part was done, had cedar wood planks around the bottom half of the wall, and the upstairs kitchen/dining room had wood paneling up half the wall. To top it all off the entire upstairs was at one time wallpapered and has since been painted over a number of times. So this was going to be Jacob's little project, remove wallpaper a room at a time and repaint it. He decided to start with the kitchen/dining room area, which had the lovely wood paneling. This began last month, when babe went down to sleep Jacob worked on a bit at a time. The first of the month, on Jacob's day off he decided that he wanted to just finish the kitchen and dining room area so we could paint and he'd feel like he's gotten something done rather than drag it out. And so it began, taking off wallpaper and the wood paneling...until he found out why they put up the wood paneling {this is where the people bugging me part comes in}. They did it to hide the termite damage on the dry wall! Now we knew when we bought the house that there was some termite damage, but nothing too serious, and it had been treated so they were long gone. but this we didn't expect to find. As Jacob took off more wallpaper and paneling, the more he found. You can imagine how disappointing this was, with what was originally going to be a quick job and something to be finished that day turned into a very big job. So he called a few guys and they began working on it that night, within two days they had all the old drywall down, new 2 x 4's that needed replaced (due to termite damage) up, and the new drywall up. It took a couple of weeks and the dining room is finally done and the kitchen just needs paint. I think Jacob is going to be done with home projects for a bit :)
I wanted to post before and after pictures of the dining room, and I knew as I was searching for a picture (because of course I didn't think to take a before picture) the only one I would find would be of a messy table or have me in it looking a mess. Even better, a large messy me. So this is the ONLY picture I could find of the dining room before *sigh*

And now after!

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