Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I present to you, pictures of the finished basement Bathroom!!! Finally...I know, I know. We had more problems with the ding-dang toilet, which delayed things even more. I was able to get pictures tonight and I'm posting them without further delay! order to truly appreciate the finished product you must see what we had to work with, the before:

{this was standing on the stairs looking in the direction of where the bathroom would go, a few notes: say buh-bye to the window, and the big black tube from ceiling to floor will have a little wall built around it}

and now the big reveal..

why, hello beautiful!

take a look to the right

the shower

take a look to the left...
see the little privacy wall {that black tube we had to build around}

from above

and here's toilet #2...
umm, pun not intended :)

And so there you have it, our downstairs bathroom!!


  1. It looks fabulous!! What a great job. That will really improve your overall value. Sell it soon..we miss you all. Love--Grandma

  2. This looks very nice! I am impressed, to say the least. Can't wait to have you guys back! >Greg<