Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Improvement around every corner

Okay, so I'm finally taking some time to update. I know I've said several times that pictures were to come and sad to say they still won't be here. Every room is waiting for something to be done before worthy of a picture. In this post I said hopefully we'd have the bathroom finished by the weekend....and we did! Shortly after that, Jacob finished the flooring and baseboards in the rest of the downstairs and the downstairs was finished!!! What, you noticed that...was finished.ItalicYea...about that. I should have taken pictures immediately when it was done so I could post them (but I still hadn't hung the pictures you see, would have made a total difference...well, maybe). Anyways, not too long after the bathroom was 'finished' the toilet started leaking!Bold Jacob found out what he thought it was, bought the replacement and it was the wasn't going to work with our toilet. So when Jacob went to buy a different piece the guy there at the store said make sure and check that your toilet doesn't have a hairline fracture, because that could cause the leaking too. Well, it does. Ugh!!! So now we may have to buy a new toilet and install that one (hopefully with no problems, and hopefully our floor isn't ruined from this water issue). So I should have taken the stinkin pictures even if I didn't have the room totally decorated, but that's just not my style. Moving the other things we've been working on. Jacob's main focus lately has been on curb appeal. The usual mowing, trimming, weed eating...the not so usual :) deck washing, mulching, re-rocking our driveway (bought 22,000 lbs of rock...yea, that's a lot of rock!), cutting down the forest growing up our back fence...seriously the way things grow here is insane (Jacob had just cut it down last summer, and it was already taller than me by far). He's also been doing some other jobs that aren't really visual, but things that need to be done (fixing squeaky floors, rerunning wires, yada yada). We've also repainted the kitchen cabinets and replaced hinges. Most recent was the stairs, they needed to be sanded and painted, and Jacob installed a hand rail. While Jacob's been at work Mom and I have been making frequent runs to our storage unit we got a couple weeks ago. Trying to get rid of a lot of the stuff in the back unfinished part of the downstairs. I also just finished turning our office (which seemed to be the cram know the room you stuff things into when people are coming over} into a guest room with a little work area. I think its pretty cute and I'd love to share pictures, but it still needs a few things done {you'd think I'd learn my lesson, because maybe tomorrow there will be a hole in the roof and we'll get a bunch of rain....just kidding!}. Today I went along and scrubbed doors {those spots everyone seems to touch and they get all grimy...what? that doesn't happen in your house? oh...}, baseboards and the kitchen appliances {got some good ideas from this blog, and tried the toothpicks...worked great!}. The list of to-do's seem to be getting smaller and I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel {not the bad one, a good all this work has an end in sight}.

Sorry this isn't anything real exciting and I feel like its all I talk about or think about is house work, but it really is our life right now...just the way things are for the time being.

To end on a more fun note, quick little blurp about Caleb. He's getting more and more daring, mischievous, mobile, strong, understanding, and character. Pretty much he's turning into a toddler, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that. I've had some near break downs of 'what happened to my baby boy', I can hardly remember him being a tiny baby. Away from the sad thoughts...and positive! I'm shocked at all the things he's beginning to understand. Like talking about daddy during the day, he'll run to the front door and wait for a minute to see if he's there. And all these words he now knows {knows not says}, if I talk about the ball, fish, etc. he'll go point at or get them. Things I didn't even know he knew. Everyone says its like this from now on, constant growth and learning more and more everyday. Another one of his big things has been growling, some of you may have heard him do this before...but this is a different growl. This is a monster/dragon growl, like it hurts my throat if I try and copy him. And he does it all. the. time. Funny kid.
Here's our growling fun lovin boy:

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