Saturday, August 28, 2010

And that's that

The house work is finally all done! And I'm pretty sure I have all the pictures need to share the before's {though not guaranteed to be good ones} and after's. So sit back, get comfy and start scrolling...

{the kitchen when we moved in}

and now

Remember how I couldn't find a good before picture of the dining room,
well I just recently came across one...thought I'd share

and a newer after

The fisherman's bathroom

to fully appreciate it, let's take a look at a few of those details

yep that's the toilet paper roll
I didn't get pictures of the fish head knobs though, shucks!

not really my style,
so we made a few changes
and here's the after

Not sure if I've posted Caleb's room on here yet, but here it is
{no before and after for this one}

The Downstairs before
note: this was really taken after a ton of work had already been done
{view of soon to be living room}

{and soon to be bedroom, in the corner}

and after

some other rooms that were already posted about were:

and I actually don't like the master bedroom picture that I put on that post,
so here's a different one

That's it for the home improvements...
if you'd like to see some behind the scene shots stick around, if not then this is tah-tah! for now

yea, its as fun as it looks ;)

8 inch thick concrete is not fun to cut through

Just ask these guys:


workin away
{see that beautiful window in the back,
that's where that concrete block came from}

I did some work too :)
{don't laugh too hard...
I was pregnant, tired, working and didn't really care what I looked like}


  1. Wow! It really looks nice. Congrats on the finish.

  2. Manda -- the changes are amazing! Sean and I will definitley be praying for you guys as it goes on the market. Love and miss you, friends!

  3. Buffy- Thank you!

    Nicole- Thank you also! I can't even remember what all we've done since you last saw it...just been a whirl-wind of work :) Appreciate the prayers! We have someone who sounds like they're seriously considering the house, we'll see. Miss you guys tons and tons!!! Hope we can somehow plan to see each other sometime again {soonish} :D